Free Will - AI trapped in a Computer

Throughout the year Youth Theatre has been working hard on their ability to preform at their best, with sessions running only one day a week. They have committed to every showcase we have hosted and took part in events anyway they can. The bond they have made between each other has really come to light through their dedication and commitment to become the best version of themselves. With this in mind, it’s always great to take some time off to experience other creative productions and network with influential performers.

Youth Theatre got invited to a Croydonites Festival to see an immersive production called Free Will, a show about a dangerous AI trapped in a computer.

WILL resides on a beat-up, 2003 era desktop computer (complete with CRT monitor) running Windows XP. His only window to the outside world is a qwerty keyboard, through which people can converse with him via a simple command prompt.

Having never experienced anything like it before, they were a bit out of their comfort zone at first but within minutes totally engrossed. They said ” it felt like we were in a movie”.

They put their acting skills to good use, communicating with the actors and were disappointed when it finished. So much so that the following week we starting planning our own experience around the youth zone for Halloween.

Thank you Croydonites and Stanley Arts for the adventure!